The goal of the research on this theme is to create authentic multisensory virtual experiences that fully replicate the equivalent real world experience.  The objectives are new algorithms and methodologies that will:

  • Fully define the scenarios being considered, including the product, context and person.
  • From the knowledge obtained in 1 determine: the Level of Realism (LoR) required to achieve perceptual equivalence between the multisensory real world scenario and its virtual simulation, the personal parameters of the person undertaking the experience and the multisensory stimuli present and their interaction in the 3D context.
  • Integrate the details from 1 and 2 into a Real Virtuality Platform (RVP) that will selectively compute and deliver in real-time a virtual experience that is highly correlated with the equivalent real world experience.
  • Thoroughly validate this virtual experience against its real world equivalent for clearly defined tasks within two challenging scenarios.